Welcome to Nihaka Trading Post

This business comes a long way and was established in 1992. First as Buy & Sell Mart at 79 Victoria road, where I traded as a second hand goods store, selling anything and specializing in tools. Then as we felt the need to expand, we acquired the shop next door, 81 Victoria Road, where Nihaka Trading Post was born in April 2011. All the old and unusual stuff was moved there.

The shop being on 3 levels, I decided to use the bottom level as a sport, camping, diving, climbing and general outdoor section, the main, ground level, all the antiques and collectibles, and the mezzanine section for pictures, paintings and frames.

Nihaka is not an African word but simply the first 2 letters of me (Nico), my wife (Hannelie) and daughter (Katinka)’s names.

My love for “the old school and unusual stuff” made me collect strange things over the years. This trend continues and I still today collect stuff.

Contact me with any enquiries.

Nico Bester
Nihaka Trading Store


81 Victoria Rd, Woodstock
Contact Nico Bester 0824448351

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